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Welcome to the offices of Wasinger, Parham, Morthland, Terrell & Wasinger, L.C. We are proud to be a large law firm offering a wide range of legal services in a small town. We are able to represent numerous types of cases because our team of attorneys possess expertise in many areas of the law. Since 1974 we have provided exceptional service to our clients as a full service law firm.

Client Focused.

At Wasinger, Parham, Morthland, Terrell & Wasinger we are totally committed to providing personal attention to each of our clients. We pride ourselves on building a lasting, mutually respectful relationship with those we represent. Our goal is to represent you with timely superior service. We have an obligation to help you through the legal process and we are here to help you choose the best course of action for your case. We promise to work diligently and aggressively, using the most current and innovative means to settle your case favorably for you.

Local Depth.

Wasinger, Parham, Morthland, Terrell & Wasinger is a leading law firm of highly experienced and accomplished professionals. We are known throughout northeast and central Missouri for our accomplishments in the courtroom and service to our local community. We have worked hard to attain an enviable reputation in our hometown as well as in the legal profession.

Industry Insight.

Deciding on a legal firm could possibly be one of the most important choices you ever make. You should carefully consider the skill, respectability and success rate of the firm you choose. At Wasinger, Parham, Morthland, Terrell & Wasinger, you can count on us to accomplish the result you are entitled to. We invite you to explore our website, read about our exceptional attorneys, and see for yourself what a qualified law team we are. You and your case deserve the best possible representation.  Let us help you.

We thank you for considering Wasinger, Parham, Morthland, Terrell & Wasinger. Contact us today. We look forward to meeting you.

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